Antioch Downtown Specific Plan Opportunites & Constraints

This independently contracted report presents an analysis of the City of Antioch's Rivertown. Read the full report in its entirety.

These appendices are part of the original report. The City of Antioch has since removed this report from its website. We believe that citizens deserve access to all documents and a transparent process. 

We encourage you to comb through the documents. Many of these documents highlight the challenges that housing in downtown would face. 

Below is the analysis of one of our supporters.

These are some relevant excerpts from the Antioch-Downtown Plan OC-Report; especially note page 3 excerpt regarding the lack of places to gather and the page 4 excerpts stating the unacceptability of housing so near the train ‘gradecrossing’, and the financial difficulties of financing high-density housing in downtown Antioch…

page 3
10.   The relative lack of restaurants, coffee shops and other uses where people gather to socialize has weakened the Downtown business environment, depressed real estate values, and diminished quality of life Downtown.

page 4
13.   The loss of themed festivals and public events within the Downtown Area contributes to the decline in business activity and quality of life in the community as a whole.

21.   The current noise environment along the Downtown Area waterfront exceeds 75 dBA CNEL within about 200 feet of a gradecrossing, making residential development unacceptable within this distance.

43.   While it is possible to improve the financial feasibility prospects of  higher-density downtown housing through direct subsidy or various means of cost reduction,  the scale of subsidy that would be required is likely too high for  the City to bear at the present
time.  For a 1-acre project, subsidies in the range of $1.5 million
on the low end to $12.0 million on the high end will be difficult to
obtain in today’s financial climate.

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