The Vision

The Heart of Antioch's Rivertown

Our vision creates an outdoor space that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. Celebrating the long and rich history of our city, the Town Square would be the cultural and social hub of downtown.

Capturing the amazing views of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, this space would be the visual attraction to our historic Rivertown. At the center of the public open space would be a stage that could be used for events all throughout the year. This space would engage with both citizens and businesses, providing a much needed revitalization of our downtown. Antioch would be just one of the many cities in the U.S. that has brought their downtown back to life by placing public open spaces at the forefront.




22 OCT

2:00 pm - Wine Tasting Fundraiser

24 OCT

7:00 pm - City Council Meeting

7:00 pm - City Council Meeting

14 NOV





Our Proposal

The entire town square would be funded through private means, costing the city and taxpayers absolutely no money. Through the "Celebrate Antioch Foundation," this Town Square would be completely self-sustaining, including the costs of maintenance. These fundraising efforts would engage both citizens and businesses with the downtown community. Click Here to read the document we submitted to the City.

The Ordinance

After City Council refused to listen to us, we decided to draft an ordinance to bring to the ballot this November. You can read the ordinance in its entirety by clicking this link.

Antioch Downtown Opportunities & Constraints Report

The City of Antioch had several independent consultants conduct an analysis of our downtown. The results of the report presented several reasons why housing would be a bad investment in downtown. For a PDF of the report CLICK HERE! From the railroad emissions to the housing market, this report presents housing as a terrible option and instead advocates for alternative uses of the waterfront, such as an Outdoor Event Center! READ MORE...

A video from one of our supporters!

Presented by the Citizens of Antioch:

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